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Ehoes of Old Persia

Simorgh Sighted by a Caravan

63 x 35 cm


Hand-built ceramic; underglazes, glazes, overglazes, gold lustre


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ceramic sculpture: caravan


When Saum had heard these words he called about him his army and set forth unto the mountains. And when they were come unto the mount that is raised up to the Pleiades, Saum beheld the Simurgh and the nest, and a stripling that was like unto himself walking around it. And his desire to get unto him was great, but he strove in vain to scale the crest. Then Saum called upon God in his humility. And God heard him, and put it into the heart of the Simorgh to look down and behold the warrior and the army that was with him…


Shahnameh of Ferdowsi

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