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Ehoes of Old Persia

Soltan with Falcon

33 x 16 x 17 cm


Hand-built ceramic; underglazes, glaze, gold lustre


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ceramic sculpture: falcon


…0h high-flying falcon! the Tree of Life is thy perch

This nook of grief fits thee ill for a nest.

Hearken! they call to thee down from the ramparts of heaven

I cannot divine what holds thee here in a net.

I, too, have a counsel for thee; 0h, mark it and keep it,

Since I received the same from the Master above:

Seek not for faith or for truth in a world of light-minded girls

A thousand suitors reckons this dangerous bride.

Cumber then not for the world, and this my precept forget not,

'T is but a toy that a vagabond sweetheart has left us.

Accept whatever befalls ; uncover thy brow from thy locks

Never to me nor to thee was option imparted

Neither endurance nor truth belongs to the laugh of the rose…



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