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Ehoes of Old Persia

Farhad and Shirin

16.5 x 11 x 9 cm


Hand-built ceramic; glaze, overglazes, gold lustre


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ceramic sculpture: farhad


The mist of night around her summit coils, 

But still Ferhad, the lover-artist, toils, 

And still---the flashes of his axe between--- 

He sighs to ev'ry wind, "Alas! Shireen! 

Alas! Shireen!---my task is well-nigh done, 

The goal in view for which I strive alone. 

Love grants me powers that Nature might deny; 

And, whatsoe'er my doom, the world shall tell, 

Thy lover gave to immortality 

Her name he loved---so fatally---so well!



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