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Ehoes of Old Persia

Rostam's First Ordeal

32 x 32 cm


Hand-built ceramic; underglazes, glazes, gold lustre


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ceramic sculpture: rostam


...Rostam released Rakush from the bonds of his saddle and prepared for himself a couch among the reeds, neither was he afraid of wild beasts or of Deevs. But in the reeds was hidden the lair of a fierce lion, and the lion when he returned unto his haunt beheld the tall man and the horse that watched beside him. And he rejoiced at the fat meal that he held was in store. And he thought within his mind, "I will first subdue the steed, then the rider will be an easy prey." And he fell upon Rakush. But Rakush defended himself mightily. With his hoofs did he trample upon the forehead of the lion, with his sharp teeth did he tear his skin, and he trampled upon him till he died. But the noise of the struggle had wakened Rostam, and when he beheld the body of the lion, and Rakush standing beside it, he knew what had been done...


Shahnameh of Ferdowsi


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