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Ehoes of Old Persia

The Traveler

22 x 24 x 12 cm


Hand-built ceramic; underglazes, glazes, gold lustre

Price is available upon request


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ceramic sculpture: traveler


It once happened that on a journey to the Hejaz a company of young and pious men, whose sentiments harmonized with mine, were my fellow-travellers. We had with us also an a’bid, who entertained a bad opinion of the behaviour of the dervishes and was ignorant of their sufferings. When we reached the palm-grove of the Beni Hallal, a black boy of the encampment, falling into a state of excitement, broke out in a strain which brought down the birds from the sky. I saw, however, the camel of the a’bid, which began to prance, throwing him and running into the desert.

Knowest thou what that matutinal bulbul said to me?  

What man art thou to be ignorant of love?  

The Arabic verses threw a camel into ecstasy and joy.  

If thou hast no taste thou art an ill-natured brute.  

When a camel’s head is turned by the frenzy of joy  

And a man does not feel it, he must be an ass.  

When the winds blow over the plain  

The branches of the ban-tree bend, not hard rocks.  

Whatever thou beholdest chants his praises.  

He knows this who has the true perception.  

Not only the bulbul on the rosebush sings praises 

Golestan of Saʿdī

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