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Ehoes of Old Persia

The King's Trial

31 x 28 x 14 cm


Hand-built ceramic; glaze, overglazes, gold lustre, marble stand


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ceramic sculpture: trial


...But Sudaveh desired that Saiawush should speak with her alone. But Saiawush resisted her wish. Then Sudaveh was wroth, and she made complaint unto the Shah, and she slandered the fair fame of Saiawush, and she spread evil reports of him throughout the land, and she inflamed the heart of Kai Kaous against his son. Kai Kaous bade Saiawush his son ride into the midst of the burning mount, that he might prove his innocence. And Saiawush did as the King commanded, and he came before Kai Kaous, and saluted him, and made him ready for the ordeal. And when he came nigh unto the burning wood, he commended his soul unto God, and prayed that He would make him pure before his father. And when he had done so, he gave rein unto his horse, and entered into the flame. And a great cry of sorrow arose from all men in the plains and in the city, for they held that no man could come forth alive from this furnace...


Shahnameh of Ferdowsi






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